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BeFun, BeWild swinger parties and dating site provides social variety, adventure, and the opportunity to live out fantasies as a couple or single girl. Comments and photos below are from real members.

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Great swinger site.

Great swinger site full of supersexy members, and after attending our first party we are happy to be part of a great circle of not just members but friends.
Will see you at the dinner party, thank you for the invitation!

Plimav Couple 37/34

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Swinger party site BeFunBewild is a rare discovery.

I have to say thank to the couple that told me all about this swinger party site and you should take a minute to read my recent Libertine party comment!

Wildaddiction single girl 25

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Befunbewild is a brilliant website with gorgeous members.

Finally a sexy and young dating site that is actually true to it's words, unlike like others that promised young and sexy parties but most of the couples are too old and very ugly and not sophisticated at all. Well done for organizing something so unique.

Natasha single girl 39

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Befunbewild is a brilliant website with gorgeous members.

Brilliant website, gorgeous members, we definitely recommend it.

Funx2 couple 39/41

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Befunbewild is a dating/party site that stands up as one of the most exclusive and sexiest.

Befunbewild is certainly a dating/party site that stands up as one of the most exclusive and sexiest, and for us the way they select and verified their members is absolutely brilliant - as we have witnessed at their recent November Libertine party.

Aphrodite couple 35/40

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The best bunch people we ever met.

After searching the internet we found this sexy party site, and just after few weeks and an amazing Libertine party we can definitly say that is the best bunch people we ever met and we are looking forward to the fabulous dinner parties.

interested couple 34/30

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BeFunBeWild is the best website and member's circle we've found.

We tried the 2 biggest dating sites in Australia without success and no doubt about it, BeFunBeWild is the best website and circle of members we came across.
It was worth the trip to come down just for the Libertine party, amazing!!!!

CuriousTwo couple 28/28

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It's been really exciting jumping on together and looking at the profiles.

We are loving it! It's been really exciting jumping on together and looking at the profiles. We made a great decision joining the site! We have been chatting on the website to a few members – in particular, Curious Two, Letmein, Just for Fun – and can't wait til the next event and we get to meet everyone in the flesh! October seems like so far away now hahaha! We are both really happy and very excited to meet you both as well xxx Thank you for all the advice and support, we really appreciate it!


swingers club

I could not have asked for a better or safer site where I can explore my fantasies.

As single girl I could not have asked for a better or safer site where I can explore my fantasies. I met some really genuine hot couples and I'm looking forward to meeting more at the upcoming Libertine party, as I've heard from chatting online with members that it is quite amazing.


swingers club

Swinging etiquette...

Hey, I wanted to write a little thank you to G & E for creating this website and having rules and regulations in place to stop what happened to us on the weekend.

My Hubby and I got invited to the couples club in Surry Hills by friends and decided to explore what it had to offer... we were very soon to be disappointed. Apart from parties G & E have thrown we have only visited one swingers club in Amsterdam, and it set our standards EXCEPTIONALY HIGH!

Etiquette is high on our priority list, and as far as I’m concerned (and I hope all of the members on here!) IF YOU WANT TO JOIN IN, ASK! Under no circumstance is it ok to join in with a couple without asking. Hubby and I had decided that on this particular night that we only wanted to play with each other, yet one of the males decided it was ok to "join in" without asking. I was horrified and needless to say we didn’t stick around and wont ever be heading back.

G &E - I know there must be a lot of work involved trying to separate the time wasters and pushy males from the couples who just want to have a genuine good time, and I never appreciated this fully until last weekend. All the members we have met through your parties have been lovely and we have only had positive experiences. Thank you for everything you do, even finding the right venue with sophistication and cleanliness! I'm sure we are not the only couple that appreciates this!


swingers club

Top and best swinger site ever.

We joined BeFun, BeWild a few weeks ago and have already met some really hot couples and can't wait to go to the upcoming Libertine party for some dancing and play!


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Stop wasting time on other sites :-)

I've been member on other swinger sites, the usual suspects, and I wasted so much time at pretentious parties where many the guests where sleazy and unappealing (no quality control!). After only few days on Be Fun, Be Wild I was already pretty impressed and decided to check out an Inferno party. And it ended up being the best party I've ever been to!


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So full of quality swinger couples!

After spending a few years in two of the big sites we were so disappointed and about to give up on finding the right couple to swing with. Then some friends told us about this unique swingers site called BeFunBeWild, but we never expected it to be so good and so full of quality swinging couples.

We are not snobby or have unrealistic expectations, but we we want to choose who we swing with and know they will be as described. And honestly, in the other sites, we just wasted our time with all the fake and dishonest profiles.So we absolutely love the high standards of BeFunBeWild. We don't need thousands of useless profiles to choose from. The intimate group of sexy, honest couples at BeFunBeWild is an absolute winner.

Thank you again for restoring our faith in the swingers scene and making our fantasies come true.


swingers club

What to say… I'm back!

I went to few parties via other sites with, now, ex boyfriends and now I know for sure befunbewild is the only site where I feel safe to join as a single girl. So I'm back into the full swing and ready to have some fun :).

G & E thank you for welcoming me back and I'm looking forward to having fun with you and meeting new sexy couples and single girls at my first Libertine party. Talking to the other members, Libertine sounds even more sexy than the awesome Inferno parties, and I'm really excited about dressing up and wearing a mask… can't wait!


swingers club

The best swinger site around.

We're back after a year overseas and we are so looking forward to meeting some of the sexiest members in what we consider is the best swinger site around. See you in few week for our first Libertine party. We're sure that it will be the same fun as the Inferno parties, where we met and played with some great couples.


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The website it is really good.

Actually, unbelievable. Since joining just a few weeks ago we have already met with two great couples. Last night was amazing. The best night ever. The first couple we met we a few weeks ago we only did soft swap. Last night we did full swap and we all had an amazing night!

Thank you for making this site one of a kind.

We can't wait for the Libertine party, I'll have to find an outfit for the night.


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What an exceptional site!!!

Talk about one to one customer service… nothing comes close to BeFunBeWild. We loved our profile verification, not only checking that we are a real couple but also the one in thousand where the male partner was not pushing – that already made all the difference. If they go to all that trouble with us, then everyone else who is already a member has too, and they will all be great, real people!

Because we came from interstate and value our privacy we did not want meet anyone close to home, so they organised a special Socialé just for us so we could have the opportunity to meet members from Sydney, and if you're interested about our thoughts just check the party testimonial page!

We can't wait to come to back to Sydney in few weeks and we are looking forward to meet up again with G&E (what a couple) and few others that we met that night. Thank you again for your hospitality, we felt so humble that you went so much trouble just for us.

What an exceptional site, what exceptional people!!!

Couple 38/40

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Very classy, a European touch.

Your site is great and so far we loved all we've seen. Very classy, with a European touch. Even my husband seems to show more interest than I anticipated, I guess it's the power of the photos on men...We're so looking forward to meeting some sexy members at one of the upcoming parties, but hopefully not in the next 2 weeks when we're still overseas!

Couple 39/40

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Be Fun, Be Wild is one of a kind.

After endless searching the web for an exclusive swinger website where we can find other couples like us without being mislead, we honestly can say that befunbewild is one of a kind. As usual we were sceptical, but the fact they called us for a short interview made a huge difference. We became members last Friday and decided to go to RAW the next night!

Couple 23/31

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Finally, great looking couples like us!

You have the most truly amazing swingers site we have been part of. Finally great looking couples like us, no trash or fake people.

Thank you!

StylishPlay Couple 26/26

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The sexiest site and group around.

We were advised to join by our friends FunKreature that are close friends with the site's founders, so far we are really impressed. Anyway, after we went to the RAW party last week and had a fantastic time there and at the after party we know now that is no doubt the sexiest site and group around.

Thank you for approving our membership and making us part of this amazing circle.

SweetAndDeliciouso Couple 23/27

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Best sexy dating site, best stylish members.

We're very keen to meet more members at our first Raw party in June. We heard so much about RAW, it is exactly what we are looking for, nothing sleazy, and we love the venue you have chosen, very nice.

Thank you again for organising this unique site and we are looking forward to finally meeting you two, you are quite the legend!

Couple 33/33

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We discovered a new world of fun.

We have been members for a while and only now we found time to thank you for introducing a world of fun. We met few people online but our first experience at the last RAW party blew us away. What a great group of sexy people you have fostered.

Thank you for the sexy experience - we are looking for more. And looking forward to have some fun with you 2!

Couple 21/29

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What a beautiful site full of amazing profiles.

We would like to thank you for your handling of our membership application, not only you guys were so nice over the telephone but you make us feel so comfortable and safe as, like us, all the other members have to go through the same process.

See you at the Raw party in June… we can't wait!

Couple 24/26

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Top sexy website.

I've been a member for just a few weeks and already met some handsome couples online, and knowing that they have been all verified is making all the difference. I finally feel secure to explore and be part of a friendly, sexy group. Cannot wait to meet some of them at the next RAW party. And thanks so much for inviting me to the after party in June!!! I really liked the simple style and all the arrangements for RAW, definitely more classy than the competition.

Well done and thank you.

Single Girl 23

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Lots of attractive, normal people.

We have just joined BFBW and just wanted to say that the process was brilliantly facilitated. Any questions we had, no matter how naive, were handled promptly, professionally and in a friendly manner. The mandatory phone call was simple and non-threatening. So far all the people we've interacted with on-line have been attractive, normal people who just have a common interest in sex.

Thanks guys for what has become an easy, fun little pastime. Can't wait till our first Raw party Saturday 22nd June, the guest list already looks great.

Couple 39/42

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Your site is so great!

Much more than we could have expected, so many sexy people!

We're just finding our feet but we're really looking forward to meeting all the members at one of your famous parties we have heard so much about (you guys are a legends), so count us in on that for sure. Thank you for the chat over the phone and for creating such a great community. Your selection process is obviously working wonders, so much better to enjoy a smaller, select group of vetted people. Don't change a thing!

H & D

Couple 39/44

swingers club

We felt in love with the website at the first sight.

When we received the personal verification call before we were invited to joined the website it made us realise that befunbewild was a really a special and unique couples website.

And once we had the opportunity to go to their parties we felt privileged to be part of a great circle, great fun members and great minds.

Thank you again for creating such nice environment where both are feeling at home.

B & T

Couple 42/27

swingers club

A unique swinger site.

We recently arrived from England and found the parties and dating sites in Sydney really sleazy and deceptive. Then we met an incredible couple (NV75) on a nude Sydney beach who invited us to join this quite unique swinger site.

We fell in love straight away, we love the way they deal with the membership, telephone interview etc

Well done again, super website, we think you can take this concept to England, we are definitely interested in talking further.


Hepburn77 couple 37/38

swingers club

Forget wannabe sites. This is the real deal.

A community for those who prefer quality over quantity, good times over time-wasters, fun over frustration and sophistication over all. We knew this was for us after the first phone call – and it has only gotten better.

ellentee couple 34/35

swingers club

BeFunBeWild deserves some recognition for creating something so unique and beautiful.

We consider ourselves quite attractive and we have previously wasted our time trying to meet other couples with a similar look and age, we also have attended a few parties with the promise that we would meet other hot young couples. Instead we only encountered fake profiles and disappointment. We have been so disappointed that we almost give up our fantasies till we met another couple that told us about this exclusive swinger site.

We signed up after being on the site for just a few days. We always been concerned about the authenticity of website testimonials as they seem mainly designed to build your expectations and entice you to sign up. After such a great experience we decided to sit down and write a testimonial because BeFunBeWild deserved some recognition for creating something so unique and beautiful.

We cannot imagine the hard work behind the scenes, the time BeFunBeWild spend in selecting members. From the bottom of our heart a really big thank you for making our fantasies come true.

hisandherfantasy Couple 27/31

swingers club

Quality real people not a competition for the most members.

BeFunBeWild is the best swinger website we have ever used, we have already cancelled our other memberships. Can't believe how much time we wasted, especially with the one boasting having 2,000,000 members. Your site boasts more intimate, quality real people not a competition for the most members. After only few weeks on your site we have already met some incredible sexy couple and we have attended the most classy/sexy party ever.

bandtcouple Couple 27/40

swingers club

Excellent site, full of great couples and single girls.

I love the site, full of great couples and single girls at the same level as me.

Cutemuppets Single 38

swingers club

Great selection of people.

Without no doubt the only swinger site to be in, great people with the best mix... well done!!!!!

T & T

lovingit Couple 28/29

swingers club

Love the site.

I love your site with an astonishing selection of people.

Jade Single Girl 42

swingers club

Way better than what we expected.

Great swinger site, way better than what we were expecting, especially after wasting time on the usual swinger sites. We're so looking forward to meeting some of the BeFunBeWild members at the next RAW party this weekend. We cannot believe how many young, sexy couples like us are members, and they are coming to the parties! Awesome!!!

N & J

Twobifour Couple 26/31

swingers club

BeFunBeWild is exactly what we were looking for.

We loved that in the telephone interview they were more concerned about us having the right attitude than anything else.

As first timers they made us really feel totally at ease, especially after we had bad experiences in another more well advertised dating websites, where you are just a credit card number to them. We love BeFunBeWild's membership standards, and they don't allow single guys. As the female partner I love the fact that this site is thinking about the well being of me and the other girls. A big plus over other sites.

We are looking forward to meeting a lot of the naughty members at the upcoming RAW party… sounds great!

Love S & M

conexions Couple 32/33

swingers club

Whaoooo!! What a great private website.

Great sexy site, well done!!! You know how important for me to feel secure and be part fun, young group. I cannot wait to meet some of the them at the RAW party this Saturday night. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your world.

Love D.

Bicurious20 Single Girl 20

swingers club

Much more than just a swinger website.

An incredible swinger site, well actually it's is a lot more than that, the best proof is to go to one of their parties! Thanks again and we'll see you at the next RAW party, we've got our tickets already. Hoping I get an invite to the after party again!

JessNSam Couple 32/34

swingers club

BeFunBeWild community is all about making sure we girls are happy first!

We had only been looking around the site for a few days before the style, testimonials and sexy latest members pics easily convinced us to apply. Then, unlike other swinger sites, we got a personal phone call to have a quick chat and make sure we were who we said we were, and both wanted to be part of the scene. But even better, they actually wanted to chat with me, the girl partner, to make sure I was part of the decision making and that my partner wasn't pushing me into anything. That give me a welcome confidence that the site and BeFunBeWild community is all about making sure we girls are happy first! Nice!!!

After our application was approved we didn't hesitate to pay the small membership, as it was pretty obvious the small team were putting in a lot more personal work than the big commercial sites to create something safe and unique. A way better experience and great value compared to other swinger sites we've looked at.

Tipnsqueak Couple 30/31

swingers club

Amazing swinging site!!!

Best looking people, and most important all real, as we were really sick of the other sites full of fakers. Thanks for inviting us to your private party and we're really looking forward to the new dance party, and hopefully be invited again to the after party as we missed the last one.

JessNSam Couple 34/34

swingers club

We already met some fantastic couples.

We were told by our close friend fun81 about this site and since we have joined we met already some fantastic couples and feel right at home.

Fantasia Couple 26/27

swingers club

We've finally found a swinger's website that's genuine.

Be Fun, Be Wild sure did exceed our expectations! After wasting time and money on other sites we have finally found one that is real.

We went to the Special Socialé Night and met so many attractive young couples like us, so we have no doubt that we are now part of the sexiest social network in Australia. Thanks again to let us be your friends and share the experience.

Looking forward to more great encounters.

JayDeee Couple 37/34

swingers club

We met some sexy members and they looked just like their profiles!

After wasting money and time on useless swingers websites, all very pretentious and full of false promises, we were recommended to join Be Fun, Be Wild by another couple. They told us all about it and the unique phone verification, and sure enough we got a call soon after we applied. Right away we could see how serious they are about who can and cannot be a member.

We were also so pleased that they chatted with me personally (J), to make sure I wasn't pushed by my hubby to join the swinger website, as we had bad experiences before where we met couples where she was only meeting other couples and going to parties to make him happy.

That's what makes this site so unique, and after a month we have already the pleasure to meet some sexy members. And guess what, they looked just like their profiles! Perfect.

It must be a lot of hard work but as a new member we feel really protected from the pestering single men and fake profiles populating all the other notorious and more publicised swingers sites.

Thank you again for creating something unique and for the hard work you put in. We love your style, class and integrity. And we are really looking forward to coming to one of your swingers parties soon.

hotyjul Couple 38/31

swingers club

What a great secret!!!!!!!!!!

We are loving it! We love the whole site! We can't believe we found exactly the site we were looking for haha
Hopefully were doing it right!!

See you at the Next Socialé in August, we heard a lot about it and we can't wait to meet some of the sexy members.

S and H

skylajim Couple 21/21

swingers club

Great to see this site was true to it's word.

I finally found what I was looking for after years of wasting time with other less exclusive swinger dating websites. Thank to D. in recommending this fabulous debauchery social network.

I was really pleasantly surprised receiving the verification call so soon after I applied, as is hard to believe that a sexy, young swinger website can stay true to its principles, and not just be a marketing trick.

I have now spent more than a month chatting on line with lots of the couples and single girls like me and everyone had nothing but incredible praised about the parties and the quality of members that they already met through befunbewild.

I am dying to meet some of them at the next Socialé in July or August.

Well done!!!! and please keep it selective.

Sweetas Single Girl 42

swingers club

Hot Hot Hot!!!!

Not much more to say.

We love it!!!

No doubt about the best swinger website we have used, we cannot believe the most of the members are similar age, sexy and hot like us. It's just what we are looking for, and most importantly no single men, sleazy or too old couples.

We cannot wait till the next swinger party in August.

skylajim Couple 35/33

swingers club

Beware of unfounded rumours, Be Fun, Be Wild is genuinely amazing.

We have been members of few well known dating websites and we became really weary of the many fake profiles, they wasted so much of our time. Then we heard of Be Fun, Be Wild, a great website with a really genuine swinger community. But we didn't imagine it could actually be so good and so true to what other couples have told us. We were silly to doubt!

So we were a bit skeptical at first mainly because a certain few other couples told us the contrary, and because of a negative post on facebook by a certain swingers group related to a different dating site. We read the link that they ashamedly uploaded on their group profile, and instead of putting us off they convinced us to give it a go, as we thought what has been written in the article what really good, especially for a young couple like us that do not want to meet or mix with older sleazy couples.

We not only were impressed with the speed and professionalism when contacted to confirm we were a couple, but also with the strict policy that unless we both made available for the telephone interview we could have not been approved. This is so important and nobody else is doing it. Why, we think probably because it takes a lot of hard work and makes a better community not more money. Other sites are probably more interested in making money. Soon we were approved, and looking through the site we were so surprised to see so many attractive couples of similar age and look. Then we were totally blown away when we had a chance to go to the Socialé Drinks Event and actually meet a lot of these sexy couples.

We know now why there are some people that love to spread unfounded rumours, simply because they were denied membership. These people should get over the fact they will not be able to join a site like this or be able to attend some parties with real sexy, classy people in some really stylish places rather than at your local pub or some dive.

We also admire the promoters to stand up for what they believe and for the hard work in managing the such unique and sexy dating site. They are are unsung heros.

Thank you so much!!!!

And keep the exclusivity.

C & G

PS We also want to thank the swinger groups that uploaded the article link on facebook, so we had the opportunity to read the article. As did many other couples and single girls. Wonderful couples that we met at the Socialé Night Event and, like us, have now left your facebook group and the dating site that promotes you. Be Fun, Be Wild is a much nicer place to be.

Luv69 Couple 25/37

swingers club

I'm blown away by the honesty of the members.

I'm blown away by the shear honesty and efficiency of the site and the members. It's great!

Is there no event sooner? I'm away that weekend in June for the Socialé. What a shame! I guess I'll have to wait for the next one.

MissDannyM Single Girl 28

swingers club

Sexy, sexy site!!!!!!


suzibaker87 Single Girl 25

swingers club

The site is great, actually fantastic!!!!

We have happily returned to your sexy site after a little break - we had some great meets with a couple of couples who are on here. Funcpl81 and Nonfiction.

The site is great, actually fantastic!!!! Our problem is time and time management - busy life means our fun has to take a backseat sometimes. So we really appreciate that some else has done the hard work of verifying the real people from the fakes. There's nothing more disappointing than for us than to have wasted a precious weekend, and that's why we do not use other websites where anyone with an email address can join.

BeFun, BeWild is really unique and is full of such real decent and very nice members.

Well done and thank you for your hard and beautiful work.

oznsuga6969 Couple 36/38

swingers club

As first timers we could not be happier.

Love it!!!!!!!!!

We went to both parties as well, the Inferno and the Socialé in May.

As first timers on the net and in the party scene we could not be more comfy and happy in joining the site and going to the parties.

Really a true revelation, especially as we previously found it impossible to find a group of people and parties with so many young couples like us, but most importantly with so many nice decent people.

Thanks for creating such nice and SAFE circle of sexy members, and thank you so much for your hospitality.

letmein Couple 26/26

swingers club

Finally a sexy site with members of the same age that's really free

We didn't believe it when another couple told us about the site, but we were curious about especially when we read what the site is all about.

We also didn't believe that the Membership is actually free, other sites have made us instantly suspicious and we thought it was just the usual trick to get you to sign up then only to find out that you have to pay to send messages.

So it's been fantastic to find out that it really is actually free. But what it has been even more unexpected is the high standard of members - finally a sexy site with members of the same age and look.

Well done!!

Dirtyyoungcpl11 Couple 26/27

swingers club

Cannot believe you do not charge for all your hard work!

We've been members of the site for a long time, and tried an Inferno Party. Wow! We are just sad we live so far away, but even so we've met so many sexy people and every time we are in Sydney we have a lot fun.

You have created something really unique and so sexy and we can't thank you enough. And we cannot believe you do not charge for all your hard work! BeFun, BeWild has saved us so much time and disappointment by having a strict verification process and such high standards. Absolutely worth it!

Happydays Couple 33/36

swingers club

Witty, sexy and naughty with a lot super sexy members.

I was intrigued when my gf told me about the site, I never thought something like this existed.

I went to an Inferno party recently and I had a really sexy time. I was surprised there where couples sexier and naughtier than me, just like the website… lol.

I will be going to the next Socialé… but I hope there will be an after party as I like to have some sexy time ;-)

Rosebud Single Girl 27

swingers club

Fantastic website full of sexy people.

We love going through people profiles and checking out there info and pics. They all sound like such fun people and we wonder why we didn't do this earlier!

Jadeheat Single Girl 30

swingers club

We love it!

May, 2012

We love going through people profiles and checking out there info and pics. They all sound like such fun people and we wonder why we didn't do this earlier!

philjo Couple 24/25

swingers club

The only safe website to use, especially for single girls.

The only safe website to use, especially for a single girl like me. Like the website and the swingers parties – I love the exclusivity, the telephone interview is obviously working great to keep out the fakers!

Ambrehudson Single Girl 30

swingers club

The best swingers site we've used.

Best site, very unique… but most of all we love the most is the exclusivity.

shyfirsttimers Couple 31/32

swingers club

You won't need any other websites.

We were members with RHP and AMM, now we are not using them any longer as we only wasted our time and money…

Once we discovered BeFunBeWild we didn't need any other websites because every member here is just what we are looking for, and we had a first hand experience of the quality of the members when we attended recent Inferno Party. Brilliant!

letmein Couple 26/26

swingers club

We cannot believe it is free.

Absolutely the best dating site, we love it – it's more concentrated on the quality of the members rather than the numbers.

TonguEnCheek762 Couple 24/25

swingers club

A trustworthy network of like-minded sexy young people

We love this dating site as it is simple and they are obviously building a trustworthy network of like-minded sexy young people. It was important for us to find a website and parties that are suitable for a young couple like us, as we have been members to other website where we had wasted our time and money, and we have been to swingers parties only full of ugly and older couples.

Nate Couple 23/25

swingers club

Nothing compares to BeFun, BeWild

Of all the swinger wesbites we have used here in Australia and overseas, nothing compares BeFun, BeWild.

Just like with their parties, we love the high standards and strict selection criteria.

It's wild, it's fun… well done!!!!

Steevecloe Couple 32/38

swingers club

Telephone verification for new members is the best idea ever!

There is only good things to say about BeFun, BeWild swinger website. We've been happily using it for a while now, and we think the telephone verification for age and appearance etc, is one of the best ideas ever. It is saving us a lot of time and a lot of crap that we have found in other websites.

We had the opportunity to go to the Inferno Party where we realised firsthand the quality of all the members, and we had the time of our life.

Thanks so much for inviting to join such a unique website, for letting us be part of this classy network. It made all the difference for us.

Funfilled Couple 28/38

swingers club

We only use BeFun, BeWild now.

We only use this site, why change it when you have the best. It's full of really nice sexy members.

bubbles_n_flash Couple 26/27

swingers club

We love how exclusive it is.

We agree with all the other members, BeFun, BeWild is a unique, young and very trendy swinger website, please keep it very exclusive that's why we like it.

gr8pair Couple 37/41

swingers club

This is the only membership we need.

Just one thing to say about this swinger network and website… we have cancelled all our other website memberships, this one is "SIMPLY THE BEST ".

Deliciousxxx Couple 39/40

swingers club

BeFun, BeWild website is the best we ever came across.

Like the Inferno Party, the BeFun, BeWild website is the best we ever came across, had no idea anything like this existed. We have been using a lot other swingers websites and we were very disappointed with them.

Other sites make you pay to send a message or wink. But we really like the BeFun, BeWild website not because it's FREE, but because is full of real attractive members.

We think this swinger scene is so successful and so good because our hosts are like us, sophisticated, attractive, and very selective! They finally brought some class to a world usually seen as sleazy and dirty. You have to join and go to one of their parties to understand that they have created something really special.

poncho_and_betsy Couple 33/34

swingers club

The website is really incredible.

I spent time before in other websites where I only found trouble makers, I was bombarded by msgs from single guys even if my profile stated that I was looking for my first experience with a girl or couple.

I love the idea that there are NO SINGLE MALES, every member has to have a phone interview, and they are selected by look and age.

For a young girl like me safety it is important, and I definitely I do not wish to meet and mix with older, unattractive couples.

I have already met few nice members, especially after I went to the Inferno Pool Party, where I had the time of my life.

Hendrix Single 23

swingers club

The best circle of naughty, friendly couples and single girls.

It is not just the best sexy website but the best circle of naughty and friendly couples and single girls, as we had the opportunity to meet some of them at our first Inferno Party.

R & A

Sxeduo Couple 25/35

swingers club

The best website ever. Thank you!

Wow. This is the best website ever, no contest. Thank you.

S & I

Dex14 Couple 32/37

swingers club

All the hard work has been done for us!

We came across the website after we had been recommended to join, and since the start we loved it, it's full of great friendly and sexy couples and hot single girls. We couldn't have asked for more because all the hard work had been done for us - we had wasted so much time with other websites that are full of fake profiles and pestering single men.

Thank you again for spending so much of your time and energy in creating something so unique and beautiful, we feel so honoured to be part of the BeFun, BeWild circle.

C & J

Chilemango Couple 31/38

swingers club

Very sexy site!

After joining BeFun, BeWild we quickly came to feel at home. Everyone we have spoken to is nice and respectful. We feel secure in searching and in being found as we know each member is real, and no single males means no hassles. The site itself is easy to use and fun. Very sexy site, thanks for making this site, we love it!!!!!!

We can't wait to come to the next party, we have been chatting with other couples on line and we hear great things.


Jaznaz Couple 28/40

spouse swapping

What an idea!!

September, 2011

After I met our hosts, the couple behind this site, at their Inferno Party I fully understood why they created the website and parties like no other. They're not only an attractive, sexy couple but their sophistication is quite impressive, and their astonishing venues are a testament to their taste and class.

Thanks again for letting me be a part of your sexy social network.

Juniper Single Girl 33

spouse swapping

exactly what we are looking for.

Great, great, great website. The perfect mix of couples and single girls for us, it is exactly what we are looking for.

L & C

Euroz Couple 33/38

spouse swapping

Just the right mix of couples and single girls.

We were invited to join the site and we love it, it has the right mix of the couples that we want to meet and best of all they have been verified.

We just attended the Inferno Party where we meet a lot of the members, if all the members are like the ones we met you guys have created the best sexy website and social network in Australia. We are glad that we are member, now there's no need to pay for other sites full of single men pretending to be couples or older couples pretending to be young.

T & S

shire_2230 Couple 31/33

spouse swapping

So easy to find couples of similar ages.

We have been members just for few weeks and we love it, we met already some couples with similar ages and we went to the Inferno Party. We are closing our membership to the other websites where we have wasted our money and time. Just so glad that someone told us about BeFun, BeWild, it's like nothing else we have experienced.

Lucky to be members!

S & W

barty208 Couple 23/26

spouse swapping

Quality of the members is the best.

Great website, great social network, easy-to-use but the best is the quality of the members. Well done and keep the standards high!

J & M

coupleonfire21 Couple 26/36

spouse swapping

Thanks for a real website!

Thanks for starting a real site like this. We have been on a number of sites of late testing the waters and we only found scammers, well my husband did anyway, and the boys I find are only Boys!

fubunsari69 Couple 27/31

spouse swapping

We love that the site is so secure and selective.

We want to thank our great new friends for giving us such a fantastic start to this lifestyle. While we are yet to meet anyone from this site... yet (travelling at the moment!), they have given us some good advice as to what to steer well clear of! It can be so confusing as a new couple to become a little overwhelmed with everything, but thanks to a phone call or two, we were guided away from what could have potentially given us a really bad experience.

We love the way this site is so secure and that it's selective and people are really friendly. Looking forward to our first Socialé in August and Inferno in September! Thanks again guys and hope to meet you soon!

A and T

TNA1714 Couple 25/36

spouse swapping

What a great website!

Thank you for hosting and taking the time to create such a good website.

AlexnJo Couple 20/20

spouse swapping

Great to speak to real people for once.

We really like the website. Have spoken to some really nice, genuine people and may have a meet already lined up. It's great to speak to real people for once!

xox S & B

one_life86 Couple 24/25

spouse swapping

The website is great, actually quite incredible!!!

We heard about and were very curious if a site like this really existed. We were really very pleased to find out that it actually exceeded all our expectations. Very classy, very well designed, easy-to-use and great to see more select members joining every day! But keep it exclusive, do not lose the concept as it is a brilliant idea. We will come to the next Socialé Event as we have spoken with other members online who gave us fantastic feedback. Well done!

Thanks again, L & S XO

Naughtybunnies Couple 19/35


Luvrosy Single 22

spouse swapping

The site is fantastic and easy-to-use.

I cannot believe how many attractive, hot young couples there are here and we are very happy to know that you personally check everyone, it definitely made us even happier once you called to verify us.

We can't wait to come to one of your famous parties.

T & L

Flirt101 Couple 24/26

spouse swapping

A really unique, sexy and exclusive dating site.

We've been members on a few other dating sites for swingers, but BeFun, Be Wild is in a league of it's own in every respect. We've met so many cool and funny people and, unlike other dating sites, NOT had to worry about fake profiles, men pretending to be girls etc. We've had sooo much fun since we joined ;-) Thank you!

ultraviolet_99 Couple 29/35

spouse swapping

Hot swingers website!

June, 2011

Awesome website, with so may super hot couples and singles!!! We've never seen a site with such high quality AND genuine members.

funtimes85 Couple 25/26

spouse swapping

Looks great, works even better!

June, 2011

G and E have done a first class job with the website, it's so easy to use and looks great. Such a great mix of fabulous people, and no imposters!!!

thecoupleaustraliahah Couple 37/38

spouse swapping

Oozing class and style!

Great work with the website. You bring class and style to the potentially sleazy world of swinging... keeping standards really high, ensuring an exceptional selection of genuine, interesting, and beautiful people. Finally someone has sorted out what we have all wanted for years!

Holly (author of Sugar Babe and Toy Boy)

HollyandDino Couple 44/46

spouse swapping

So many fun and naughty people!

Love the party groups on your website!! Great idea. Our hosts are running the warmest, most genuine community ever. Totally welcoming!

Thanks so much.

bigkids Couple 27/29

spouse swapping

A great place to connect.

Wow, what a find. Absolutely love that you personally check members with a phone call. Thank you, thank you! Straight away we were meeting people online and making connections for future friendship - and possibly more! Then we went to one of your wonderful parties and guess what, the people there were just who they said they were!! Better than we could have expected in every way.

We could not have been made to feel more welcome than we have since joining this site.

Thank you so much!!!

kally_with_Boy Couple 25/29

spouse swapping

Thanks for making such a fantastic website!

Finally it's easy for us to meet genuine people!!! I don't know how long we have spent wasted on other websites just to find out that heaps of profiles are not real or - groan - single men pretending to be couples or single girls.

A lot of fun, sexy people... heaven ;)

hot_pleasure_AX Couple 29/30

spouse swapping

So many gorgeous members!

We were a bit hesitant about the scene after our experience with other websites. They all had so many fake people and you never felt sure who you were dealing with. BeFun, BeWild is soooo different!!!

We feel so welcome here and were very pleasantly surprised by all the gorgeous and exciting members. There's no pressure or expectations and everyone makes us feel at ease. Our hosts are such truly wonderful and relaxed people both online and off!

adam_and_eve69 Couple 25/37

spouse swapping

Amazing site!

Love all the great features, especially being able to chat with and see who's coming to your amazing parties.

badkitty Couple 38/40

spouse swapping

Simply the best.

We really love your website. From the the front door you feel this is a top quality place run by people who care. Personally vetting your members... well as soon as we saw that we knew we were going to find lots of genuine friends without wading through heaps of dodgy profiles! And we were right!!

S & J

fun81 Couple 29/30

spouse swapping

Members really made this single girl feel welcome.

I am really keen to attend your next inferno party - just joined the group! I've spoken to a lot of members on this site about it and mentioned I was a little anxious as single girl, but all have said confidently that you make us feel very welcome and relaxed, and your parties are amazing. Lovely feedback. The website is great, especially as more hot young members come online :-)

See you in March at the 5th Inferno Party.


letgo2 Single Girl 37

spouse swapping

Everyone on this site is genuine and respectful.

I feel safe, secure and welcomed on this site. I take comfort in the security of knowing that everyone here is genuine and respectful - and that thankfully that the creators have taken the time to build such a safe environment. It's a no pressure fun site with like-minded people, where you can participate as much or as little as you like. Makes life so much easier, and so much more FUN! I feel like I've made some great friends already and I only joined yesterday!

violet Couple 38/32

spouse swapping

Reassuring for a single girl.

I finally found what I was looking for.

For a single girl nothing is more reassuring than a website where the hard work has been done for you. A great selection of people. I am looking forward to meeting some hot couples and having some fun - I think the next Inferno Party, my friend Rach has highly recommended it.

Love N

nikky Single Girl 26

spouse swapping

Best website ever!

Best website ever!

Thank you for finally coming up with everyone really wants, a brilliant idea.

A & K

sexiarssabel2 Couple 42/44

spouse swapping

The perfect circle of friends.

In creating this fantastic website you made so easy for us to meet finally the right people. We have spent months and years in other websites just to find out that most profiles are fakes or even worse are single males pretending to be couples or single girls.

We know how much time and effort you put in. We know that you want to keep this site very private but we will be more than happy to recommend it to people that we know and trust.

Keep the good work and thank you again for letting us be part of your fantastic, fun and naughty circle.

S & A

crystalsrich Couple 32/30

spouse swapping

Great website, we like it lots.

Finally a website free of time wasters and single males. And everyone looks real nice and they have the right age.

A & M

LoveandHarmony Couple 41/33

spouse swapping

Finally a swingers website run by real people!

Be Fun Be Wild is our preferred adult site because it's run by real people who like the members, are also looking for good clean adult fun = they know what members want in a site. Happy hunting.

Y & P

Drsuess Couple 34/36

spouse swapping

Created and run by swingers, for swingers.

The BeFun, BeWild website is the best place my partner and myself have found for the scene. It is a website full of genuine fun loving people. Everybody is verified over the phone before they are allowed to join. This ensures 'real people' only, and weeds out all the fakes. It is created and run by swingers, for swingers- this means for them its a passion, not a job. The site is of the highest quality and has many features, from live video chat rooms to picture contests! I particularly love the ability to join groups within the website, allowing you to easily find people with similar interests.

B & L

wildthings Couple 26/30

spouse swapping

Fantastic dating site.

The site is fantastic, well done, we have had quite a few messages and chats already from some very sexy (and real) people Smile just after one day we had signed in.

The private chat function is great, the site is easy to navigate, so yeah, thumbs up from us. 

And ditto on the Inferno party, we sure will be coming along to one soon enough, we had a ball at last party at Huber House (Fantasy House Party), but we heard the the Inferno is even more fun and we heard that the venues are always stunning.

J & C

Rock_n_Bambi Couple 35/27

swingers club

Best introductions and dating site for Australian.

BeFun, BeWild is without doubt the best introductions and community website for Australian swingers clubs.

We have been on the site since practically the beginning, and love it, mostly for its security.

We are always confident that we are talking to REAL couples and single ladies, and not men pretending to be women, or company employees trying to make us pay to upgrade.

This is because the site is run by a real swinger couple, who verify by phone every single applicant, and apply a very realistic set of criteria to them.

Because this is a lifestyle thing to the BeFun, BeWild owners, membership is completely free to those who successfully meet this criteria, as are all the facilities of the site.

Regardless of your experience or involvement level, if you are a hot couple or single lady, you live in Australia, and you want to meet genuine people just like you, BeFun, BeWild is the place for you.

Ask us govandlis, and look us up when you're 'inside', he he.

G & L

govandlis Couple 36/28

swingers club

Real sexy dating site and very sexy Sydney swingers club.

A real example of "point of difference". That's the best way to describe BFBW. Real people, genuinely screened, and genuinely interested in meeting and playing. This takes out all the crap we have found on other dating sites with non-genuine and fake profiles. 

BeFun, BeWild has perfectly achieved this point of difference which gives us real piece of mind. Knowing that members have been personally verified by and extensive telephone interview is a blessing - and you are three steps ahead to fun as opposed to other sites. The parties and functions are very classy and very sophisticated, as are the couples allowed on the site. Since we have been associated with BFBW we have, let's say ENJOYED the pleasure!!! Keep up the good work!

S & M

stephie0157 Couple 40/40

swingers club

Great dating site, great swingers club.

BeFun, BeWild is a great site. Everyone is individually validated, so there are no time wasters or fake profiles. Everyone that we have met from the site was well groomed, pleasant and very attractive.

The site is really cool, easy to navigate and very functional. We highly recommend this site as we have found it to be very classy  with higher standards than other websites that we used and swingers clubs that  we have been to.

G & N

crux32 Couple 34/36

swingers club

Finally a real exclusive sexy dating site with unique features that no other swingers club and dating sites have.

We really liked the personal vetting procedure.

It is the only sexy dating site and swinger club among all the other swingers club and dating site that personally do an extensive telephone interview before they will accept your membership application.

It's nice to know that there's no possibility of fake profiles. We don't have profiles on other sites anymore because of all the time wasters and single males  posing as couples we came across on them. 

We also like the fact that pictures are mandatory on this site. We find that makes it easier to find couples that we're attracted to. It's a fantastic idea that every member can set up their own personal group. The Nudist Beach, 4WD groups, Girls night out, BDSM etc. are great ideas to get people outdoors and having  a social life. 

Although we haven't managed to get to one yet, we think the Inferno Party idea is great. We've tried clubs in the city before, but have stopped going because it's too hit 'n miss. Your parties really take the guess work out of a night and give everyone a chance to meet the other couples online first. 

In this day and age when we all lead such busy lives, these features really make it easier to connect with the right couples sooner. We've met some really great couples in the year we've been part of the site. Thanks for all your hard work.

J and M

partnerincrime Couple 29/30

swingers club

Great dating site and the most sophisticated Sydney swingers club and sexy social network.

Great site, we joined BeFun, BeWild not so long ago yet we have met so many genuine, happy, open people.

A big thank you to the G. and the team who have created such a wonderful, fun site. Keep up the great work!!!

We recommend it to others all the time.

T & P

sexysydney Couple 42/32

swinger club

What a great idea, finally a great looking dating site with some high standards.

November 2010

I have just started using this website the last few days, a couple referred me and what a breath of fresh air, it’s about time  that someone came up with this idea to set up some standards, love the idea that they call people to check them out,  well done and  thanks for letting me be  a part of it, I will definitely let my “naughty” friends know about it.


rachelicious Single 32

swingers club

Be fun, be wild is an unique sexy dating site with a personal touch and very sexy people. It is the best and stylish among the sleazy Sydney swingers clubs.

We have recently joined BeFun, BeWild. We are also a member of a number of other dating sites. We have found this site to be quite different. Because of the strict vetting process from the administrators it ensures people on the site are genuine and are who they say they are. Unlike other sites we want to respond to every message received since it feels like a much more intimate and sincere community on BeFun, BeWild.

We are new to the lifestyle and are looking forward to not only having some sexual fun but to make some acquaintances / friendships with like minded people. We believe friendships built on honesty without the taboos of sexual tension will be open, rewarding and long lasting. We believe that we have a greater probability of fulfilling that desire on BeFun, BeWild than anywhere else, and in the process have a great time searching and playing. 

Thank you for what you have done here with BeFun, BeWild. 

A & A

tallnaughtynice Couple 38/37

swingers club

Be fun, be wild is a unique dating site for a unique experience.

For those of you that want to explore the sexier side of the couples scene... don't miss joining BFBW , where the members are REAL, and administration actually cares about your time and experience there.

S & G

Curious_cupl Couple 33/31

swingers club

Wonderful sexy dating site, with wonderful people and a lot of wild fun.

We have been part of this wonderful Wild network for around three years now. Firstly the hosts are pleasant, fun and amicable people - which is how we met them originally in a social environment.

We have always been impressed that everyone we have met through them has been through the personal interview and personal chat process, and we have met some attractive, decent, non-pushy, relaxed people at the well organised parties at exclusive locations.

We have observed over and over their genuine and generous concern for the enjoyment and welfare of attendees. The website is easy to navigate and has more options for chat and meeting other couples than we ever have time to explore.

This group seems to have a good a balance between social and sexual play unlike other sites which are solely profit orientated, with less to offer members who are new or curious.

V & B

vivandbob Couple 37/41