Our website is
powerful and fun.

Unlimited free SMS.

A free, text messaging service to any BeFunBeWild member. Just login and edit your profile to opt-in. The one way text uses our business number, to reply you need to login to the website.BFBW Interest Group creators can send a free text to some or all group members, with just a click. Read on...

Unique connectivity.

We’ve built you an advanced and friendly website offering many unique features such as send unlimited text messages to members, integration with Skype, Google Maps for event locations and support for YouTube, help you know what's happening and find what you want faster and easier than ever.

Focus on your interests.

Community Groups is another exciting first. Each group can have their own message board (forum), private chat and video chat, photo gallery, calendar and events. Group administrators and moderators are supported. Read on...

Unlimited free SMS

We are very excited to offer a new free, unlimited text messaging service to any BeFunBeWild member. This exclusive new feature is available now for existing and new BeFunBeWild members. Just login and edit your profile to activate. The one way text uses our business number, to reply you need to login to the website.

Discrete, instant Member to Member SMS. For free.
Get cheeky messages instantly and discretely on your phone. Simply login and send text messages via the BeFunBeWild website directly to any member that has opted in.

Free Member to Group SMS. Also for free.
If you are the creator of a BFBW Interest Group you can send a free text to every member or to select members of your group that have opted in, with just a click. This is a premium feature we have worked very hard to include as part of your membership.

Rich audio and video features

Integration with Skype
With this feature you can link your Skype account to your profile. A Skype icon will be shown on your profile showing your current status (Online, Offline, etc). Other users will be able to instantly call you by clicking on the Skype icon.

Add YouTube videos to your profile

Upload MP3 audio to your profile

Video/chat room with user thumbnails
There is a main chat room. The chat uses the user photos as avatars within the chat. Members can send private message and video chat one to one in a separated room inside the chat room by clicking the other member profile.

Private video/chat
Members can start video chatting with a single member once the other member is on line.

Photo capture via webcam
Users can have their photo captured and uploaded directly on the site if they have a webcam.

Photo galleries

  • Photos can be rotated from the site by clicking a button.
  • Integrated image/video uploader can easily manage individual or bulk uploads, with progress displayed.
  • Users can add notes to their photos and tag other users.
  • Leave comments on other user photos.
  • Flash based slide shows

Hot or not
Inspired by the popular HOT or NOT site the new feature allows users to quickly rate photos and find new friends. Users can disable the photo rating.


Know what's going on, instantly

User status
Similar to Facebook and other social networks. You can set a status such as "I'm happy", "Looking for a date", etc. The status is shown on the profile page, in the online friends list and in the friend events.
Site and user events
Similar to Facebook and other social networking sites. Users can easily see when their friends have new photos, blog posts, comments, etc. The events system also notifies for changes in the user groups - such as new topics, new posts on your topics, new group photos, etc. Users can leave comments on the user events.

Real-time notifications
The new real time notification system shows the latest information at the bottom of the page. You will be automatically notified if someone is viewing your profile or if there’s something new about your friends, birthdays, groups, comments, events etc.

Real-time online users lists for

  • All users
  • Video/chat room users
  • Video/chat group room users
  • Video/chat broadcasting room users

Support for IE8 web slice
The software supports IE8 web slices for new users, top users, top photos, etc. Web slices are a new feature in Internet Explorer 8+ that allows you to subscribe to parts of a web page and view updates directly from their browser.

Support for e-cards
The feature is very flexible and allows you configure many different picture and flash based e-cards. You can make cards such as I'm interested in you, Send a rose, Wink, Flirt, Happy birthday, etc. Add a personal message to the e-card.


Add your personal touch

Customisable home page
You can add and reorder components (web parts) that notify of new users, new videos, popular blog posts, new groups, new topics, site events,online friends, news and more! Web parts are customizable as well with options for gender, age and more.

Profile Skins
Similar to MySpace, you can select a custom design (skin) for your profile page. Colors, backgrounds and wallpapers can be changed easily.

You can have your own blog with commenting.

Profile comments
You can leave comments on other users profiles.

Users can specify ad name, description, a few photos and an expiration date and comment on others. For spam prevention reasons ads can require approval before they are posted live.

Your privacy is important

Customisable privacy settings
Users can pick a privacy level for their profile, photos, videos and blogs. The available levels are: Everyone, Registered user only, Friends only.

Control commenting
Ability to disable comments, voting and rating for your profile and photos, with a dedicated page to review and moderate comments left by members.

Restrict contacts
Restrict who can contact you by gender, age and photo.

Private video uploads
Users can mark their video uploads as private and only selected users will be able to view them.


Focus on your interests

Community groups
The community groups are one of our most exciting features. Each group can have message board (forum), private chat and video chat, photo gallery, calendar and events. Group administrators and moderators are supported. Features inlcude:

  • Private video/chat room
  • Message boards wth support for public, moderated and private groups
  • Group specific calendar, with notifications of new events and if friends are attending
  • Leave comments for group events
  • Create topic polls with pie-chart voting results
  • Optional minimum age restriction
  • Image galleries with Flash based slideshows
  • Public, moderated and private groups
  • Powerful search in groups and topics
  • Filter members by gender, age and type
  • Notifications of new topics and posts in your groups
  • Group announcements


Powerful convenience features

Import e-mail addresses
Automatically import e-mail addresses from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and Live mail and e-mail site invitations.

Find messages easily thanks to powerful search functions:

  • Search mailbox by username.
  • Message status shows, read, ignored, deleted.
  • Message history icon links to all messages from selected user.
  • A small icon next to the profile quickly indicates that you have already sent or received a message from that user.

Google Maps integration for event locations

Show distance between you and other members
This feature shows the distance between you and the users returned in your search results.

Filter online users by age/gender

View mutual friends

Email profile to a friend

Separate friends and favourites list
The friends list is useful for community sites similar to Facebook and Hi5, while the favorites list (crush list) is ideal for dating sites.