Talking about a revolution

Holly Hill says we just have to be honest about the way nature created us. That the relationships of future generations will be based on biological reality rather than ideological fairytales. Self-help books will need rewriting, movie plots won't be tired anymore and there will be a lot more smiles on a lot more faces.


Holly Hill

The Velvet Pouch

Holly Hill returns with a daring and controversial story about what really happened when she allowed her boyfriend to cheat in a 'negotiated infidelity' arrangement.

In The Velvet Pouch, Holly Hill and her new boyfriend draw up a contract and framework for sleeping with other people, including a 'tell all' clause after each and every encounter. Their spare room is used for sex with other 'play' partners, and both eventually stumble upon Sydney's underground sex world. The boyfriend loves seeing Holly desired by other men and she feels the same way watching him lusted after by other women. Holly Hill also explores same-sex relationships and reveals exactly what it's like to explore the body of one's own sex for the very first time. True life erotica like you've never experienced before!

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Sugar Daddy sought by attractive, educated, well-spoken, 35-year old woman... I am a fabulous cook... qualified psychologist... excellent listener... and a beautiful and charming companion... I will require a generous weekly allowance.

There has never been a book like SUGARBABE before, because no one like Holly has ever set out to document this kind of fascinating social experiment. SUGARBABE is a real-life account of the emails, meetings, employment of and interactions with hundreds of men who applied to become Holly's sugar daddy.

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Toyboy sought by attractive, educated, 40-year-old woman who wants to explore the other side of an equation...


Once again her real-life experiences challenge everything she once believed about relationships and that self empowerment can never be about the restriction of choices. TOYBOY is an entertaining yet disturbing read about all those things people are usually too frightened to say.

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